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Making Burlap Strips?

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I am making a ghillie and am currently putting all of my jute onto my netting. I also want to add burlap strips into the mix because it will cover up more space and look a little more natural in leafy environments, even with veggies.

I have been destringing my burlap into jute, but how do you make burlap strips? Do you use some sort of spray glue so the strips don't fall apart and dye it like that?
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They've never come undone for me. Just buy a few different brands of burlap (Like designer :p) and see which is the tightest.
I don't have the budget to get a bunch of different burlaps to see what I like. I guess I'll go full stranded and veggie now. I am keeping the entire ghillie the original tan/light brown for the fall and added veggies in the warmer months. No dyed jute or burlap in it.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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