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hey i just want some opinions/help on a build im working on

mancraft sdik @100psi shooting ~500fps with a .2g
AA hop up chamber
g&g green bucking
maple leaf nub
AA 510mm barrel

I just want some help where to go from here with the bottom 3 items, I do not feel satisfied with the guns performance and I want to rhop it in the near future. I am just uncertain as to what nub and bucking combo to use and what barrel i should go with to do so.


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Maple leaf HotShot bucking
Maple leaf concave nub
Maple leaf crazy jet 470mm

This setup has worked brilliantly for me 🙂

Ps make an intro post 😉
This is a WELL mb08 with the AA hop to accept AEG barrels and buckings, would that still work?
Yes. I have an MB01 with AA chamber.

As long as you DON'T buy the VSR version of the barrel.


This is the barrel I bought.
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