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Hello for all of you!
Finally we got here.

Small introduce:

Mancraft - a small company in Poland (Mancraft) founded by two graduates of Wroclaw University of Technology.
We are producing airsoft parts -mostly for airsoft sniper rifles. We are working hard on conversion kit for AEG. That will be available in coming months.

The company was founded around 2012.
At first we started producing sniper kits for SVD rifles. Next was L96 and VSR standard (for almost all brands and types). In 2013 we decided to start our own regulators line: „normal" and „with manometer". They have infinitely variable pressure from zero to 15bar.
We are also producing our own CO2 cartridges for 12g co2 capsules.

For now our main product is - SDiK. It's Sniper Drop in Kit - a set of components which allows converting a spring rifle into gas-powered rifle. It is cheap and very effective method to upgrade.

The entire structure was designed from the ground up - as evidenced by the patent issued. The whole is based on a simple and effective system of gas supply that is reliable and durable.

With proper construction and materials, the mechanism does not burden other components of a gun - they may be standard (e.g., the trigger assembly, cylinder etc). Rifle can be reloaded with one finger - overcharging is very smooth.

By using an appropriate regulator it is possible to obtain very stable (+ /-3fps), satisfactory fps.

Using Mancraft regulator provides to continuous adjustment velocity from zero to maximum for the replica (depending on the length of the inner barrel).
Installation of conversion is simple. Usually does not require any modifications.

Test results for 12g CO2 cartridge:
Rifle: L96 with Prometheus 550mm barrel.
Temperature: 15*C

SDiK can be 100% used during the winter. Low temperatures are not problem.

Example values for L96 (Mb-08 Well rifle), 590mm length Edgi barrel, modified hop up chamber:

As always: We do not prefer such high results, but negligible scattering and very easy to reload - this is what we were looking for.

Briefly about the upcoming conversion PDiK and EPDiK:

PDiK - semi-auto conversion kit for AEG rifles. No electronics, no batteries - just pneumatics.

EPDiK - full-auto/burst/semi-auto - fully configurable conversion kit on solenoid.

Both of them will be matching to V2 replicas in first. Next will be all other types of gearboxes: for Ak, P90, M249 etc.

V2 version: Fully modular, adjustable, semi-auto conversion kit. You will be able to quick exchange your body (put conversion kit in other replica) with unscrewing any screw. Stock, Pistol grip, magazine lock - they all will be with the replica all the time. More information soon.

Please follow us on: Mancraft or

As I follow that forum, I saw, some persons have that already ;).

I have one question for now: what I must to do, to get my own thread in "The Rifles" named "Mancraft? :D That should be helpfull for all of us ^^.

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Guys! Need help ^^. For what kind of rifles our kit does not work/fit?

For sure there will not be conv. kit for the well 4402 etc (everything with bb's loading by the plate on the nozzle). We was trying few times but failed...

For sure we had problems with the VSR TM cylinders (they had smaller thread than in Well cylinders). Our cylinder heads had bigger thread and that was a problem (22,8 than 22,7 on the TM ;P). But that is solved.

Also the S24 A&K (thanks Daniel ^^). The cylinder head thread is different, right? Just ordered rifle to check it out ;P.

I know, there is lot of info in this forum.
Unfortunately I do not have enough time to read all info about MC on forum all the time. I know there was people with problems with our kits, but what to do... We always trying to help via mail. So if anybody have some problem - you can always write to us.
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