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I got the SDiK for my JG BAR 10 and heres my experience. 105 PSI on HPA, 450 w/ .28s. (520ish with .20, field chronos with .28s, use .40s for that dank joule creep). I use an AA Hop chamber, AA 6.03, Maple Leaf Autobot 70 degree, Maple leaf tensioner.

So, I got amazing results on my field. Could shoot about 280 feet with accuracy and the BB would sail on past 300 feet (again, with .40s). But, that said, I was still using my 45 degree stock trigger. After about 100 shots, my gun started slam firing meaning the sear had worn down enough to where the piston on the SDiK wasn't catching and going back forward after you tried to push the bolt back in. The SDiK is meant to work just fine for years on a 45 degree trigger, so I may have gotten unlucky. I fixed mine taking my trigger box apart, taking everything out, putting the shell back together, and sanding the part where it meets the receiver down about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch.

So. If you want to go my route, it may have issues, but they're easily solved. If you have the extra cash, go with the 90 degree trigger and 90 degree SDiK. 90 degree triggers feel better and last wayyyy longer.

Just my (mostly uneducated) 2 cents. Take it as you will. Wolverine bolt is good too. Very quiet. Heard one in person. SDiK is loud stock, but you can get an o-ring kit from Mancraft for like $1 and a volume reducer tubing for like $5 and it makes it a lot quieter from what I understand. Both systems also run great on CO2, I just like HPA more. :p
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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