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Marui VSR 10 Build questions

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I am looking to build my first Bolty come next month and I have a few questions to say the least....

First I'll start of by saying what I plan on doing with the build.
I want to make a CO2 VSR, using Magnum BBs'(on arnies airsoft) new double regulator 12g CO2 powerlet system. So I'll put my planned parts list up next.

Base rifle: Tokyo Marui VSR 10 G-Spec
-King Arms Gas cylinder
-I have talked to people that have used this before, they al said that a teardown is needed and everything should be teflon taped and locktited to nothing comes undone at high PSI
-Magnum BB Coldshot CO2 system
-this requires the bolts/cylinder to be taped, a male fitting to be applied and the reciever to be dremeled to fit the male fitting
-Firefly Hard bucking
-EDGI 6.00 Bull barrel, 430 mm(IE extended through the silencer) with end ported
-Custom Machined Hop-up "striker" arm
-Anyone know of a good place to get something such as this machined? I plan on doing this because I have heard numerous stories of the weak hop-up arm causing problems, being slightly unstable and causing the infamous" VSR right hook" curve in bbs

-PDI Metal receiver
-PDI Bull barrel base
-PDI 14mm ccw silencer adapter
-PDI Bull barrel G type short barrel(its the length of just the outer barrel of the G-sec stock, without the silencer attached I believe)
-King arms M14 SEI replica Direct connect 7.62 silencer
-Harris SBRS 6"-9" swivel Bipod
-Harris podlock
-King Arms M3 replica scope, 3.5-10.5x40mm scope
-King arms LaRue SPR mount repro
-BALS MK-2 Stock pack
- Holds the CO2 regulator and capsule, has spaces for Dummy Bullets and has a beanbag for rear stabilization( )

Now that is everything that I am about finitely sure about. Does anyone have any suggestions or hints about how to put anything in particular together? Any problems with any of the things I mentioned? Any things you would change?

Now my questions.
I really don't exactly love the stock VSR stock(if that makes sense). I also hate the absolutely ridiculous prices from CAW and Fortress, as 1) the CAW has no adjustable bobbles, like stock pad and cheekpad 2) the fortress screws strip very easily, they have a tendency to SNAP in half, and the M24 stock they market is only about $50-$100 cheaper than the REAL HS precision M24 stock <_<

So would anyone have any suggestions for the stocks? Or how to mod the stock stock to have an adjustable butpad, like the M24 stock type adjustment? Or what type or real stock I'd need if I were to mod one? As in Long action or short? What does adjustable length of pull mean, etc? Varmint barrel contour?

Also, what advantages would I get from using the Laylax Zero Trigger? And how would I mod it to work with the King Arms Gas Cylinder?

Would Real Steel Bolt handles be "Bolt On" parts? Or would they not work at all?

Another question, what would be the best way to stabilize the inner barrel? IE what kind of spacer, and what kind of material do I make it out of and where can I get it, would I use to cover the whole length of the barrel and prevent it from vibrations that would potentially ruin a 250+ foot shot?

And lastly, What kind of material and where should it be placed to best silencer the rapport of the gun? I was thinking that Dynamat stuff that is used in cars, used at the end of the silencer where the barrel isn't occupying that space. And what would I need to do to insure the nozzle engages the hop-up in almost exactly the same place every time to get the most extreme repeatable accuracy at extreme ranges, like 300 ft, etc?

I intend to use both Maruzen SGM .29g bbs(shooting about 460-470fps) and the new Magnum BB .36g(430fps) and .43g bbs(400ish fps I think?).

Thanks for all the help!
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I don't know if I missed it or not.. but here it goes

Instead of buying a stock VSR and completely replacing all of it and probably not using it again. Why not save some money and just get all of the outer parts on there own. Then find a stock that you like and then add that.

If you have money to spend you could look at getting a real steal rifle stock. Then modding it to fit the VSR you are making.

I am not the person to be telling you what you should and shouldn't get for a gas rifle. As I just have mine in a spring format. But I am sure there are a few people on here that would be more than happy to help you out.

Good luck and keep us updated.
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