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Marushin FN Five-seveN Hop Unit Replacement?

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So yesterday I got the airsoft fever really bad and decided to take down my pistol for cleaning and inspection, as it's never had a full service breakdown. Of course, I manage to lose the only spring it had which puts pressure on the hopup dial to keep it from adjusting itself. I haven't been able to test it yet, but I fear that the hopup will now self adjust whenever it's fired...

I spent 2 hours looking for the spring, and about 45 minutes looking for a potential replacement online. It seems like Marushin might work with individuals, but getting over the language barrier and then paying shipping from Japan could prove my downfall.

Has anyone seen a Marushin Five-seveN hop unit for sale, or know a guy that'll sell one? I REALLY love this pistol, and have replacement buckings, o-rings, valves, 3 mags, etc. I've dumped this much into it already, and I'd prefer to have the original system instead of whatever I can come up with to keep it functional. With that said, I will do what's necessary to keep it, and would be open to suggestions.
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