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Well, there wasn't any good guides on the internet, or on here yet. So I wrote this up.

How to break down your APS-2, simple, and fast. I can do it in 7 1/2 minutes.

What you need:

Allen Wrenches
Phillips Screwdriver

First thing you do, you need to get these two screws out, the one by the trigger assembly, and below the mag well, located and look like here.

Once those are out, your rifle will seperate into two, just like this.

Now set the lower reciever down, time for the internals.
Starting with the trigger assembly, remove the screws on the north and south side of the trigger.
(Sorry, the one with it in my rifle was gone picture wise, so here is a just as good picture...)

Now, you can just pull the bolt right on out. Now, to get to your piston, spring and spring guide, go ahead and screw off the head of the cylinder. You will have to use a cylinder remove, or a flat head screw driver.
This is what your internals look like.

Now, grab the barrel, and twist, keep twisting until it seperates, this will allow you to easily get to your hop-up unit.

Now there is a small phillips, or flathead, depending, holding the hop-up and mag well in, just unscrew it.

Finally, push the barrel, and the whole hop-up assembly will come out.

There you have it, you have everything disassemblied, and you could upgraded anything you wanted expect sears, can't show you my trigger assembly, due its a Z trigger and i'd break it.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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