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Maruzen APS-2 Dentrinity Custom

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Dentrinity Custom APS2 Silent Mission DX Model.

Link to the actual gun for sale new:

Sheriff Cocking Handle

KM 6.04mm Diameter TN inner barrel With Hop-Up Unit

First Factory - Zero Trigger

K2 APS-2 Complete Cylinder Set:
K2 Cylinder
K2 Cylinder Head
K2 Piston
K2 Spring Guide
K2 Spring

Unknown Brand - Trade Marked Foam Filled Suppressor

Aim-Master 3~9 X 40 Waterproof Cross-hair Scope


Rifle is shooting around 550-580FPS with .20s

I am also including 3 brand new Maruzen APS magazines I just got from Redwolf.

This rifle is outstanding and shoots extremely far. The only "problem" if you want to call it that is the ball bearings and springs in the cocking handle are missing so it does not cam into position. The handle can just move freely. PDI has the set for $25 shipped on there website if it bugs you.

Price is set at $550 FIRM - NO TRADES
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If only I hadn't of bought those G96's... I'da been all over this deal.
Rifle functions as it should?

And what kind of groupings are you getting at what range?

It is between this or Duttons Gspec
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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