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Maruzen APS-2

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I picked up one of these things because I have a broken the ECHO 1 ASR. Out of the box, the can chrono had it shooting 275 FPS. Woohoo. Not really.
Starting out.
The gun itself is solid AVS plastic, and has a metal outer barrel, metal bolt handle. The plastic is much nicer then my old sniper rifle and JG Bar-10.
As I begin assemblying my parts to put in it. I broke the sear set. So, I went ahead and change trigger, and now works fine.
The inner barrel was a 6.1mm 590mm. I changed that for a 650mm tightbore.
The trigger pull was nice and sturdy, it was a double trigger.

The stock internals are the the same as any stock, cheap parts. Plastic, low FPS, bad for the gun. I swapped those out as fast as I could.
I went ahead and change them out. I got myself a PDI Hop-up in there, and along with my tightbore, bucking, and cylinder set, I was spitting .43g BB's out to a piece of paper at 260 feet no complaining. I did a lot of self rigs to it to bet a better compression.

I'd reccommand to anyone i'd meet, the price tag was pretty bad from
The gun now is completely upgraded, and i'd I enjoy using it. I wouldn't suggest to anyone who is doing anything less than a internal rework, as this gun needs Laylax parts to get it shooting correctly, due it's sold as a upgrade platform.

I was shooting .25s at 230 FPS when I got it stock. 75ft dead straight.
I was shooting .43g Madbull BBs at 540 FPS at 300 feet with only slight wind issues at OP: High Value.
The thing chronos a solid 545. Just what I needed it at. It eats Madbull .43g BBs. I wouldn't run anything less then .4 through it.

The price of the gun: $300.00
The price of the magazines: $19.00

What makes this gun different then other guns?
It's got a 590mm barrel, it's extremely well built. It's very sturdy, the bolt is very easy to pull even with a M170.
It's got sling mounts on the front and back.

What is the issues with it?
The magazines blow. I hate them, and there isn't really much in replacement parts for stuff such as Magazine Catch, Screws (Unless you pick em up at Ace Hardware etc) The outer barrel narrows, and it's a weird build on that. So everything has to be Maruzen APS-2 parts.


What is now in it for all that care.
Laylax PSS2 Zero Trigger
Laylax PSS2 M170
Laylax PSS2 Cylinder Head
Laylax PSS2 Spring Guide
Laylax PSS2 Accuracy Cup
Laylax PSS2 Element 3 Piston
PDI Hop-up Unit with High Arms
PDI Hop-up Bucking
PDI Big Out Nub
Promthesus 590mm Tightbore Barrel
Many DIY rigs for compression
Foam in the inside to make it quieter.
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