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Maruzen APS2

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Just got it today from Krieger, IT has the following upgrades:
Complete cylinder (Cylinder, Cocking handle, Spring, Spring Guide, Piston and Piston Head)
HE got it done from UNcompany, They say there all High end Japanese parts. Shoots around 500.

Shoots very nice, I now know why people have said save up for a Maruzen.
Just wanted to throw a couple pictures of and see what everyone thinks!

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Looks pretty! It has a decent paint job, but the black areas are a little large. Were the parts painted and then put together? If not, someone did a nice precise tape job. You should try to only cover the details necessary to keep (numbers and screws and whatnot) and get as much painted as possible.

But the pattern itself looks great!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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