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Maruzen L96 hop-up bucking and bbs

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I am getting a Maruzen L96, and im putting a ton of really nice PDI upgrades into it. Basically the only thing that is stock in the body, and outer barrel. I have two things i need to finalize before i can take it on the field. One, what type of bucking should i use with a PDI hop up chamber? i have used prommy in another sniper, and it works well, but i need to know what other L96 use, and what is the best bucking (regardless of price).

My second question is, what bb should i use? this is my highest shooting sniper, it will probably go at around 600fps (give or take 10fps). As any sniper, i want range and accuracy. I am looking at Madbull heavy weight bbs. Im thinking the .4s but the .36 look nice too. Any experience? I am looking to hit a man sized target from at least 225 feet away.

Thanks for your help
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For soft, prommy and TM buckings are great. I'm using a black guarder in mine, which is a 70 degree bucking and harder. However, it's the most consistent I've used
For the hop up system I use Firefly or TM (As stated). Best quality and consistancy as possible. As far as BB"s are concerned, I myself am a fan of the .42 Teflon Coated boys. However being gray in color follow on shots are pretty difficult to perform, so make sure that you have got it zero'd in before you hit the field.
Well I basically just made my gun, and its pretty awesome. A friend highly recommended a prommy hard, so im trying that right now. The big problem is though, is that my bbs are shattering. As i said my gun is heavily upgraded, and the piece of crap mad bull bbs are breaking and now im in the process of cleaning my gun. So any bbs that are really durable, and are .4 or above??
Exactly how many BBs are you shattering? is it everyone or one everyso often?

If you are getting BBs breaking on you on a regular basis you have something seriously mechanical wrong as a blast of air is not going to split BBs in half on its own, unless of course you've gone past your 600 fps target by a large amount :-/

Why not try lowering the power? As fps alone does not a sniper make!!

After all, I do all my sniping at 350fps and am still getting kills out to 200 feet, thats only 25 feet short of your requirement ;)
Your BB's are shattering INSIDE your rifle?! Madbulls are not great construction but they're decent
Well, I felt like I should give a status update. Everything is working great now. I cleaned out my gun, then turned the hop up almost off, and then cleaned t he bbs way too much so they are now way too perfect. The gun can consistently shoot a dime 50 ft away with no problem, and put a massive dent in it...but i haven't tried the range yet...just like zulu said, these winter months suck. So I would like to thank you all for helping me with my problem. Thanks.
Did you install the spring that goes between the hopup arms and your outer barrel? If so, you can remove that and get A little more adjusting range out of your PDI unit.

Also, Madbull .36's aren't as "Chalky" as the .43's. I'd give them another try if you have with the booster spring removed.
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