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Maruzen L96 or Marui AWS/L96?

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The First Sergeant (See "Wife") has approved the yearly airsoft weapon expenditure budget and I am looking at nothing other than Sniper weapons. Right now I'm looking at the E1 M28, the SG/ASGI AS700, the Maruzen L96 and the Marui AWS/L96. I like the look the of the Marui AWS with the realistic looking metal mag and all. Luckily I am fortunate enough to be able to purchase immediately upgrades for any rifle. Sear set, spring, cylinder, piston, head, barrel, HU, bucking and any other minor needs to make a "Field owner" weapon system. Anyone with input on the Maruzen L96 or the Marui AWS? Fact based experience only please. No opinion or speculation. Thanks in advance.
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Well the Marui AWS is a somewhat new gun and there is few upgrade parts compared to the maruzen L96. The Marui AWS has the mag in the right place, but that comes with a cost. The AWS is horrible to take apart, has many moving parts (more variables) and is a huge dirt collector. I like the hopup chamber and the quality of bolt frame. The Maruzen l96 is more simpler. Little moving parts so few variables.

Would go with the Maruzen rifle cause the rifle is a old reliable legend. The Marui AWS is a good gun, but my concern is how it would last in the future.
After many hours of research I think I am going to go with the Maruzen L96 and replace the piston, spring, guide and cylinder with the PDI Precision set VC from Airsoft Atlanta and a Laylax APS2 Spg 150 spring. Add a couple of barrel spacers for stability, the PDI silencer adapter and a Mad Bull Blackslide mock supressor because it's a solid tube and not hollow. Phase 2 will be to replace all the sears, the HU with a PDI and put in a 6.03 tightbore barrel. Possibly up the spring to a 170? Thoughts? Comments? Thanks.
Your first step looks good, but I suggest that you replace the sears first thing.

These should work perfectly, and a fairly cheap:
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