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Maruzen type 96

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Ok, so I've got my L96 all decked out at this point (cept for that PDI inner barrel...):
FF teflon cylinder, FF damper/tapered cylinder head pro, 3 element piston, power accuracy cup, SP 150 spring (shooting 530 fps consistently, any higher and I can't compete)
Zero trigger
DBC 6.01 509 mm tightbore (AEG cut, M16 length inner barrel)
PDI hop up
Buckings: promo, systema, madbull (all hard type)
Standard bolt handle, receiver, and outer barrel

I've noticed a LOT of inconsistency (or not working at all) with the PDI hop up. I've tried all of the buckings, and I can't seem to get it shooting an acceptable range reliably. I stripped the middle-length cylinder nozzle in the pro set, leaving me with 4. I also accidentally forced the outer barrel perhaps a centimeter too far the wrong direction when trying to dethread from the still threads fine, but it means that the hop up/barrel are essentially kept aligned by the way the spring-eject mechanism sits in the mag well. I hope that's descriptive enough.

Anyway, I've got a few questions...first, is the outer barrel/receiver misalignment causing any problems for me? I doubt it, but...

Second, what are some setups you guys have gotten working shooting at a similar power? I'd take suggestions on what cylinder heads to try, new buckings to order (I can try firefly, for instance), etc. I'm shooting high-quality .3's (no jams, etc
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I know for APS-2's, the Aero chamber is compatable, however I'm not 100% certain on the APS L96 model. But I can tell you that Livonia uses a PDI, so if he gets a chance to jump on here, I'm sure he can tell you how to make her shoot consistant. I remember they used a piece of a pen for the spring, as well as the nubbin. But I don't want to give you bad information.

PDI's have really a hit or miss effect on people, some swear by them (Livonia, Mirage, a few other guys out here in Michigan) and then some people like myself prefer the Aero Chamber. I'm not exactly sure why it is that PDI's are so hairline on that stuff. But maybe try uninstalling it and reinstalling the entire unit, inspect all the O- Rings for cracks or chips, as the slightest air pressure problem could ruin it as well.

That's all I got really.
Mosin said:
But maybe try uninstalling it and reinstalling the entire unit, inspect all the O- Rings for cracks or chips, as the slightest air pressure problem could ruin it as well.
I think Mosin hit the nail on the head with this, I had the same problem and it turned out to be I was using too short of a nozzle. Also, do you still have the little spring that you put on top of the adjustment arms? That spring plays a lot into hopup consistency with PDI's hopups.
That might well be my problem. I haven't been using the spring because, frankly, when it's taped on the chamber doesn't fit in the outer barrel
The Type 96 and APS2 are different barrel designs. The type 96 has a mag catch where the APS2 does not, you will have no way of keeping your mag in the gun. I'm afraid to say it, but I'm rather confident the Aero wont work.

Your inconsistency might be coming from your tightbore, I have heard a lot of issues come from the brass in DB barrels. Get yourself a Prometheus tightbore with a stock TM hopup bucking and you wont go wrong. Trust me, its what I have been using for the passed 3 years.

Lube the outer Oring on the PDI chamber when putting it in, A lot of people get poor results because they assemble the chamber improperly and use hard buckings. Hard buckings will only give you clearance problems.

All the little spring is used for is just a little more boost on your hop, you don't need it, but sometimes It helps when using .43's.
I'm curious where you heard about inconsistencies with DBC barrels? They aren't as precisely made as EDGI or PDI barrels, but they're #3 on the market
[quote="zulu":gdvbz10e]I'm curious where you heard about inconsistencies with DBC barrels? They aren't as precisely made as EDGI or PDI barrels, but they're #3 on the market
Thanks Dutton, I won't be returning the Aero chamber immediately, just in case. This project is seriously pissing me off. My partially upgraded UTG and my aps-2 were SO much less trouble than this piece of shit. I'm looking at another 250 dollars to replace the barrel/flash hider (because maruzen welded the endcap on my gun, so the inner barrel doesn't fit (I drilled it out, it extends out and is taking a clubbing every game). Then 150 dollars for the PDI barrel (my next option if I decide the db customs is the problem), plus 60-70 dollars of hop up parts and buckings to get the PDI working right, and I might end up buying ANOTHER PDI hop up for 60 because this one is so beaten up at this point the air flow is most likely SERIOUSLY f***ed up. Oh, and My Maruzen receiver stripped the first few threads the first time I untwisted the outer barrel, so the only thing aligning my hop up is the mag catch which, by the way, shifts a millimeter in either direction as I'm playing
I would go ahead and just email Dees Customs and let them know that your barrel has been broken in in excess of 1000 rnds, and you're stock barrel is more consistent, and see what they want you do from there. The only way to really tell is a digital micrometer that is metric.
Wouldn't hurt to email them, if for nothing else, maybe they have some suggestions they could put forth.
Dutton, is that hole on the hop top an empty thread? because the mag catch for the Type 96 threads into the chamber.

Here are some close shots of what I can get to compare the Aero. Along with how the spring should look on top when inserting it, I don't get why you need tape.

I mentioned the lube on the outer Oring for ease of getting the chamber into the outer barrel.

I have Tsunami BB's right now and they are complete garbage, I don't even want to finish the bag. Get yourself some KSC's, they work great. I have also tried the Orange .43's, they leave quite a nice residue in your chamber, also after you have them in a bag for a while dust forms all inside the bag which clearly is not a good sign.
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The magwell on the APS has the same threaded hole as the 96 does, they both attach the same way. I put the Aero chamber and screwed it down, and by the looks, everything works fine. I didn't feel like putting the rest of the 96 back together though, maybe today just for my curiosity and see if it works.
Tsunamis were all I had left :( I just got SGM's and KSC's in the mail from AA, as well as the aero chamber. Currently tinkering with it
The PDI outer barrel does not line up properly with the stock receiver, it will be about a quarter or even a half turn off like you have now. Its a nice scheme PDI came up with to make you buy both the receiver and outer barrel.

I have a stock receiver with the PDI outer, my threads aren't as off as I have heard from others but when you get your outer barrel and it doesn't line up properly that is the reason.

Good luck man. Once you are done you will have quite a badass rifle.
EDIT: PSS2 Aero chamber is incompatible with type 96 (magazine nozzle won't slot correctly because of different positioning of mag well screw hole). With major drilling out of the outer barrel, the chamber would fit but would slide and shift wildly, making the chamber all but useless.

As to the PDI chamber
zulu said:
Otherwise, My main problem is not getting enough hop. I'm using KSC .3's and I've adjusted the screws out as far as possible.

Thats what the little spring is for, a little extra boost of hop.
Spring is installed, sah.

Anyway, I realize most of the people helping have probably tired of this thread
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