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I know for APS-2's, the Aero chamber is compatable, however I'm not 100% certain on the APS L96 model. But I can tell you that Livonia uses a PDI, so if he gets a chance to jump on here, I'm sure he can tell you how to make her shoot consistant. I remember they used a piece of a pen for the spring, as well as the nubbin. But I don't want to give you bad information.

PDI's have really a hit or miss effect on people, some swear by them (Livonia, Mirage, a few other guys out here in Michigan) and then some people like myself prefer the Aero Chamber. I'm not exactly sure why it is that PDI's are so hairline on that stuff. But maybe try uninstalling it and reinstalling the entire unit, inspect all the O- Rings for cracks or chips, as the slightest air pressure problem could ruin it as well.

That's all I got really.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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