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Hey guy's just wanted to see how many are in the Maryland area.

I want to throw a big sniper game at my 130 acre field. I have pictures of the field in the gallery threads.

Also want to have a "top shot" type of event.

So if you're in the area and want a chance to play at one of the biggest private fields in the mid-atlantic area. Here's your chance.

Here's a link to my teams website:

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Hey, Good to see this haha. I'm in the Maryland Airsoft Team "MAT". hit me up man We are making this nice field in the sticks we are having a game in next weekend. PM me so I can give you my number to be in touch and let know who is coming to play. Just a heads up here is the address for anyone in the Maryland area to come out and play. The place is pretty big.

We can do sniper battles any other day of the week or weekend. we just have to set it up : D

Scrimmage Saturday the 25th at Zach's.
23135 Grampton Rd., Avenue, MD

You can see our videos here on the new Youtube channel: and the somewhat finished bases Alpha and Bravo. Alpha is the CQB base where we held fast and short games in between maine games for people that can't wait and have restless leg syndrome or simply hyperactive :p Bravo is the one with the second floor for sniping :D

Here you can see my happy a$$ and you can check out our page on Facebook and see all the pictures from the team and future games which we are now holding every weekend On two locations.

Hit me up sometime to play. I love stalking but I love CQB a lot as well. MuAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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