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Before people get confused, through my reading on this gun I have found a few consistences and a few questions that I would like to pose to the forum to see if anyone has any information on this gun. I know that it is VERY new, but its the internet, maybe one of you has found something that I haven't yet.

The A&K and the G&P are the same gun, G&P just took the A&K body and put their internals in it, to include a 120 Spring (or some reviews I have found say a 120 motor, so I'm not sure). So just to clarify that for our purposes they are basically the exact same gun since we do our own mods to the gearboxes etc.

My question for the forum is in regard to the Hop up. I am drawn to this because of the real steel feature of the interchangeable barrel. HOWEVER, in real steel just as much as in airsoft, interchangeable barrel = BAD ACCURACY.

Some of the reviews I have read/heard/watched have said that the entire hop up unit is replaced with the barrel assembly, and some say that it is the bucking that is removed. Looking at some of the close ups of the bucking (there is a good picture of it at 6:05 in this video

What do you guys think of the potential of this design as a DMR? would it be able to maintain accuracy? or should this gun be left to the speed queens?
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Well if the barrel and hopup are that of the AUG style.... then it wouldn't be a problem.

You would just need a different outter barrel, inner barrel, and hop up chamber with inners.
Don't be so hard on inter-changeable barrels.. the systems don't lose the accuracy some people claim..
Desert Tactical Arms ( ) has produced a weapon system that I have fired.. that you can change the barrel in less than 5min and still attain phenomenal accuracy. DTA is just my personal favorite but several other companies have competing designs in the works.

as for airsoft...

While the A&K Massada has been out a while it uses a standard V.2 GB with an M4 style hop-up unit.. but the new madbull hop can be used with it. so it has great potential as a DMR base.

the new PTS version that you show in the video is rummored to use a V.3 GB but the Hop is completely new design, however it looks like the design was based on the AUG design. but again that is just speculation. and the release date has been put off repeatedly over the past year... so no word on how long to actual release.
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Yeah, I am familiar with the DTA system in real steel, and the FNH system before that. So I dont mean to be too hard on interchangeable barrels, its just hard to do it right, although a few have. I am not that familiar with the Aug style hop up, although my friend has one and he has a separate barrel set for his since he wanted the short and the long barrels, and I have read that the Aug and the M14 styled hop ups have some of the better designed/more consistent hop ups.

I guess that we will have to wait a while to see, however it will be nice if they end up selling various barrel kits for it. I know that my friend had a hell of a time finding a barrel set for his aug and ended up buying a whole other aug off of another guy getting out of the sport for cheap since he couldnt just get one factory direct.
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I saw an airsoft GITV review of this recently, but all they had was the body. any word on the V2/V3 gearbox? I had a short PM convo with vindi not to long ago and he said the V3 is a better base as a DMR because its a stronger stock gearbox.
I totally agree with vindi.. but I have not been able to verify the GB type.
bobgengeskahn said:
I saw an airsoft GITV review of this recently, but all they had was the body. any word on the V2/V3 gearbox? I had a short PM convo with vindi not to long ago and he said the V3 is a better base as a DMR because its a stronger stock gearbox.
It's a "modified" version 2 gearbox. Looks like it'll use all the normal V2 parts, though it's got a newly designed trigger unit in it. It also used a cage-mounted motor that attaches to the gearbox, like a version 3, and will use a short-type motor as opposed to a long type like most version 2 weapons use.
Not a problem, also the tentative release date is 29 Oct 10 (that is for the PTS ACR). The G&P/A&K Masada are no longer produced and the molds were ordered to be destroyed, so they're extremely hard to come by.
oh wow, thanks for the good info! any chance its going to be a "split" gearbox in that "modified" v2???
that would be a nice feature :)
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Nope, it doesn't look like it'll be a split gearbox, though it looks like there may be a quick-release on the spring guide to quickly change out the spring (based on the design of the rear of the gearbox - this is just my guess). From what I can tell, the extent of the gearbox being "modified" is simply that it uses a motor cage and well as a proprietary trigger/wiring assembly.

It does have a pretty cool way of changing out inner/outer barrel assemblies, though. The body of the gun houses the hop up and the front of the gun houses a quick-release lever that when released allows you to pull out the shorter inner/outer barrel assembly and quickly drop in the longer assembly. Both have their own buckings built into the barrel assembly, and the hop up doesn't come out when you change the barrel, so you just need to slide out the old assembly and slide in the new inner/outer into place and re-engage the quick release feature.
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Here is an update that I just found from ASGI about the MASADA/ACR. They took apart one of their samples, still a pre-production model, but its complete. Here is a link to the full vid:

Here are some pics that may be of interestest:

at the end of the video, Tim mentions that it is a removable spring? at least in this pre-production model, and it looks like it is from that gear box. Oh, and they also mention that the contacts are soldered to the motor and require de-soldering to properly remove, just if anyone was interested in that part.
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