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Don't be so hard on inter-changeable barrels.. the systems don't lose the accuracy some people claim..
Desert Tactical Arms ( ) has produced a weapon system that I have fired.. that you can change the barrel in less than 5min and still attain phenomenal accuracy. DTA is just my personal favorite but several other companies have competing designs in the works.

as for airsoft...

While the A&K Massada has been out a while it uses a standard V.2 GB with an M4 style hop-up unit.. but the new madbull hop can be used with it. so it has great potential as a DMR base.

the new PTS version that you show in the video is rummored to use a V.3 GB but the Hop is completely new design, however it looks like the design was based on the AUG design. but again that is just speculation. and the release date has been put off repeatedly over the past year... so no word on how long to actual release.
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