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Matrix L96 upgrades

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Hi I just scored a (I'm pretty sure) matrix l96 and I was looking for some upgrade gonna be my first gun I upgraded more then just optics and like tac gear first and foremost how do I swap out the flash hider for a suppressor or something cooler and internal wise where can I find a kit maybe or somewhere I can get everything at one place for consistency that won't break the bank but will be worth the time and money not trying to be a pro player just for plinking in my back yard but wanna get as much fun as I can


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If your plinking than best upgrade is just some heavier bb's not sure with the Aws platform what the optimum weight is for stock setup but some .3 or .32 probably wouldn't do that bad.
As it's Aws based most upgrades besides power will be DIY mods, maybe look at silicone swords SS nubs and a tdc along with a new hop rubber and possible barrel (or just use stock barrel)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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