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Matrix Trigger Assembly Or Zero Trigger?

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How does the $30.00 Matrix Trigger hold up against the
famous $230.00 Lay lax Zero Trigger ?
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Like a ball that is a sqaure and a ball that is spherical. The Matrix trigger is a POS and doesn't do anything for the pull, while the Zero Trigger will reduce your trigger pull and last longer.
And the z-trig is $175 if you try and find a deal for it... Look around. For high priced parts, try to look on multiple sites and not the first one that has it.
You can get a zero trigger for much less than $230. You can find one for the VSR for roughly $175 with piston combo.

And the Matrix trigger is like a flimsy stick. The zero trigger is like a hard ass piece of cement in comparison. Which one is going to break first?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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