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Name: Mateusz (Mattew)

Callsign: Stinger or Piorun (pronounced perun)

Experience: 1 1/2 year of airsoft. Training to join the USU(Uniformed Services University in the Army or Airforce branch to be a physician ) ---> i dont know if this is the expierence you were thinking about but it is 100% military.

You're arsenal: UTG MK96, TM Pistol (Gas)

Your camo: Homemade Stalker Suit with Jute Twine

What are your other hobbies?: I actively Scuba Dive

Where do you live?: U.S.A, New Jersey or New York City (depends on my studies)

I recently found this forum by random and saw that this is a group of good people who are experienced on sniping.

I hope that my presence on this forum will add on to the community and I belive that I will whole-heartidly enjoy meeting new people.

Thank you,

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