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max upgraded aps2 OV - Red Wolf

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Okey guys, i was thinking about getting me one of these. (I dont care for the price - if you want to know why read my thread in general section)

Can you tell me if there is anything missing here? Or anything i should change? I think I should get an metal bolthandel, but not sure.

Also: 600+fps with 0.2 will be good enough for using 0.43 right?

Anyone got any experience with this type of upgrades?

BTW: Can i equip scope on there or do i need mounting? Looks like its ironsight there. + In front, where can i get an flashhider to swap with the one allready there? I dont want no iron-sight.
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600 fps is not only good enough, it's shooting too hot to use safely in a game. Also, package deals cost a lot...they save you a lot of searching and installation, but you won't know your rifle as well as someone that built theirs

It'll also be hella expensive (think 300+ dollars more than buying individual parts...unless redwolf is breaking the trend... I don't have a link to tell you).

Sorry for the redundancy...experimenting with my new ipod touch.
gz with the pod. got one as well!

as to knowing. i will be getting an sun m40a1 aswell, this will be the rifle that i will build over time beeing my baby, and in the end, only friend on the field.
600+ is WAY to much unless you are only going to use it for plinking.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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