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Ηi guys, I am very interested in the question of this thread, but in a more detailed manner/

The thing is a couple of years ago I tried one of the early models of the MAXX Model Hop up and it did not fit in my A&K SR-25. In fact it did not fit in the space between the barrel and the nozzle. Others tried it back then and reported problems with mag placement ( the mag was not supported by the hop and you had to hold it by hand)

I see now that people seem to be using it with A&K SR-25 and I am wondering

1) Do you guys use regular A&K SR-25 length nozzles? If not how does it work since the MAXX hop ups are supposed to fit with shorter nozzles?

2) Did you have to "customize" the hop up in order to fit it in the A&K SR-25?

3) Which model of the MAXX Model do you use? ME Pro, ME Sport or some other?

Thanks in advance for any help :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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