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Me and My Rifle

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Hey, guys. I'm new to the forum and thought I would go ahead and post up some pics of me and my rifle. so, here they are.

And here is me with the rifle.

In this pic, we used the flash so my scope would glare.

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Very nice pics . I like the third one with the muzzle protruding from the bushes .
Is it the JG BAR10 ? (I might buy one and use it as a "lab rat" for a special project)
Yep, its a BAR 10 the upgrades are;
laylax 150 spring
laylax spring guide
laylax 6.03 TB
laylax red NEO piston
deepfire sears
(soon to have Zero trigger)

EDIT: it also has a KA bucking. i fogot about that when i was posting.
this is me in my ghillie

and this is the ghillie i made for my rifle
its a JG bar-10 with silencer and a mark 4 sniper scope.

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Patriot~Just 2 things I recommend you do

1/ Paint or Camo tape the muzzle

2/ Fit an ARD of some description to the scope, Scrim scarf, car repair mesh, even your mums old tights/panty hoes work ;)
thanks for the tips ^^
i know, i have a lot to learn in sniping with ghillie and camo sniper
but i'm a quick learner ! :)

the muzzel is on its way ^^
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