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Me at OP Sierra Madre

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This is just 1 shot of me with my tm m14 on a Big Op today (ill post more later ,pics of me in action).

the mission > we had 4 objectives

*Eliminate the leader
*Destroy the munitions
*destroy the gas supply
*shoot the enemy antenna

I was tasked with the mission of shooting the antenna down , i made a precise shot from a position i took after going prone on the ground for like half an hour , and i took the shot, and it was a hit , a small alarm sounded as it was activated from the hit , and my squad advanced on the position , other squads where tasked with the other missions, we accomplished our objective and it was my best game ever , oh by the way , here is the photo hehe..

And my M-14 is shooting 280fps with KSC 28.g bbs
Another thing , this is a follow up Event , means that november 1st is the next mission and then the last one on november 15 , so ill be posting more pics soon after the other OPs
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Thanks its been with me for like 3 years or so , i love the m14 more than any other replica, by the way , here are some more pictures.

hope you like em
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These are from OP Hell valley

the 2 pics where taken , just when the game was getting over , we defended successfully our objectives

ill later post some of the last op , and there's another one coming , so i should be posting more pics , but in another topic, since these where from a game tour only.
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