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Hello! Last month we had an idea with friends and went to play airsoft after like.. 12 years? Had fun and I decided to approach my childhood DMR perversions. Back then, as 11-14 year old kid, I never had opportunity to assemble custom AEG. I did research and opened gearboxes and stuff but never got to actually replace anything for myself.

I ordered Specna Arms sa-b16 to start with due to cheap price (210e), metal externals and out of the box 1.6J performance. With the gun I ordered tightbore barrel and flat hop accessories so I could have decently accurate 1.7J gun without much effort put to it. My original phase 2 plan was HPA (cool "new" stuff :D!) conversion IF I still play airsoft next year actively, but I'm going to do few upgrades into gearbox soonish!

Specna arms sa-b16
Vector optics 3-9x42 illuminated
TM Black rail covers
Used vertical grip
Vietnam mags
J&P sniper grip (to be installed with new motor)

Current upgrades:
Prometheus 509mm 6.03mm inner barrel
Prowin hopup chamber
Fire fly nub
Prometheus purple bucking (G&G green waiting for autumn/winter)

According to the certificate it came with, the gun shot ~435fps stock. I'll be chronoing it within a week with the barrel upgrades.


The stock cylinder was ported and not full type 0 :nuts: So at this point I knew I want to open this lil thing up and learn how to shim gears properly. The gearbox was not radiused stock and it is built for M120 spring. When radiusing the gearbox it can take M130 spring easily, right? Maybe M140? :> HPA will be phase 3, maybe :D

Planned cheap upgrades:
Rail mount to scope for red dot
Unported cylinder
Solid 8mm bushings for sector gear
SHS 16 TPA motor - Have this
SHS Gears 16:1?
SHS piston?
m130 or m140 spring
Side arm

-What is the best kind of piston for m130-m140 spring? How many metal tooth?
-What is the most consistent spring manufacturer?
-Are bearings preferred on spring guide and piston head when using m140 spring?
-Is there any preferred rubber material to be used (not sorbo) for correcting aoe?
-I have 16 TPA motor, are 16:1 gears alright? I've read 13:1 likes frankentorque. 11v Lipo.


Tutorials I used:

Flat hop

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