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Metal Trigger Box Issue...

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Hello fellow snipers.. I recently purchased a metal trigger box for my MK96... I was excited to say the least due to the fact the stock one was falling apart.. However, upon chrono check-ins yesterday before a scenario game, I realized the trigger had taken 125 fps away... Not to happy about it... So now what do I do next?? Is there any way to get the fps back I once had?? Or do i need to upgrade my spring?? Which I already have.. Is there a certain part in the trigger mechanism itself I need to replace and or adjust?? Any info or input will help.. Happy sniping
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Thats impossible. Take the gun apart, clean, regrease and teflon tape it and you should be back to normal.

What did you buy for a trigger unit? Because if it came with a metal piston, and you has a plastic one, that cold explain your problem.
Tape around the threads on your cylinder head.
I almost put that, But im not sure if you can do that with a PDI chamber.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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