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Metal Trigger Box Issue...

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Hello fellow snipers.. I recently purchased a metal trigger box for my MK96... I was excited to say the least due to the fact the stock one was falling apart.. However, upon chrono check-ins yesterday before a scenario game, I realized the trigger had taken 125 fps away... Not to happy about it... So now what do I do next?? Is there any way to get the fps back I once had?? Or do i need to upgrade my spring?? Which I already have.. Is there a certain part in the trigger mechanism itself I need to replace and or adjust?? Any info or input will help.. Happy sniping
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Yes, the trigger box was around $30. I have an aluminum piston and an m170 spring. However I'm learning that it might possibly be the o-ring but I'm baffled by the fact such a small part could have a huge impact on performance. Mgunner, what part should I teflon tape? I have a PDI hopup and I've heard of guys taping their stock hopup units to decrease air leaks. Could my hop up be leaking possibly? I just bought it along with a repair kit for it. But like I said, most claim it to be the oring on the piston.
Ive always tapped the head and it still had the decrease. Im replacing the o ring today so I'll find out soon if that was the problem.
I took apart my bolt only to realize that my cylinder head has a groove cut out in from from one of the bolts on the hop up backing out. Would that be the cause of the loss of fps?? If so where can I find a replacement cylinder head for a utg mk 96??
You know the piece of the head that slides the bb into the hop up? On the MK96 it is made of bronze I believe. There was a screw backed out on my pdi hopup and everytime i pushed the bolt forward, it would rub on the screw thus leaving a groove carved into it. However, I filled it with epoxy and sanded it and it seems to have helped. Lesson learned: If you have a pdi hopup put some thread lock on the screws that adjust the arms. They tend to back out over time. Kind of aggrivating if you ask me. I feel like putting the stock one back in because it was a little more reliable. Not accuracy wise, but the fact I dont have to worry about it while Im in the field. -Happy Sniping
Yes I know.. I was explaining to headline so he could better invision it.. :)
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