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Midland radio and headset help.

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Have this radio:
And this headset: - It is just a normal throat mic with a PTT and a vox PTT switch which I have tried, yes.

The radios work just fine but the headset is either nonstop transmitting when connected or not transmitting and when I press the PTT button nothing happens, in fact one of the radios doesn't respond at all when the headset is in. I presume this is either a problem with the PTT.

I have tried all different kinds of settings and such on both radios but nothing works.
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Ok, I might be able to help. I have found that most Midland radios have problems with headsets apart from the Midland GXT series.
I am guessing because the GXT is a newer series.

As for Headsets I have the LXT's and I found that Pryme are a very good product but they are pricey!
Dammit cause I could have gotten a GXT for the same price!

EDIT: Also you reckon I should just try sell my radios and get a new pair like motorolas. I've never seen others complain about the headsets though cause they received fine it's just they won't stop transmitting.
I have the same LXT's (dont use them anymore but I started with them) and they worked great, however I went through 3 of the "cheaper" throat mic setups before getting one that worked right so I would say the issue is with the mic not the radio.
Thats good to hear because I tested these radios with my dad the other day and he was three miles away in the middle of the country where we live with trees and houses in the way and we had a good clear reception.
Use IASUS throat mics, expensive, but insanely awesome. Also work well with midland radios.
I dont rewlly jave that kind of money, I complained to the fella I bought them off of and he might send me a new one.
I had tried so far two different throat mic, and none satisfied me with the performance :(

Pictured is the last one I tried, but it never worked properly on my neck.

I never tried IASUS because I disappointed with this kind of microphones.
So now I use like this in the photo...

And I'm 100% happy with the performance :)
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My cousin actually uses one of those xbox throat mics and his voice is perfectely fine, I'd say it is more a batch of faulty mics or something more then anything else.
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