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Good Morning All,

The name's Andy, to those who play in the midlands we may have met under my Alias Fat Andy (Ironic name as I am no longer overweight but once was).

I'm a long time Lurker, first time poster and I thank all of you as this forum has been a wealth of information over the years.

I've been playing Airsoft now for 15+ Years, predominantly in the Midlands at Close Action, which is now a Club rather than a "Business Site".
I am a "Player/Marshall" at the site and thoroughly enjoy leading games and motivating teams to engage within the day.
Since playing I have ran AEG's and Snipers (Never HPA nor Gas, other than a Gas/CO2 sidearm) but in recent years have always stuck with Spring Snipers.

Guns over the years have included:
  1. JG M16A3
  2. A&K M249
  3. ICS M4A1
  4. TM Desert Eagle
  5. ASG (I think) M9 Beretta
  6. ASG CZ P-09 Current
  7. Maruzen APS-2 Type 96 Current
  8. Action Army AAC T11 Current and Newest
I tend to run Woodland ATACS, Camogrom or Multicam Tropic with a light Olive Drap M4 Mag Style Chest Rig from 5.11.
I also tend to run light, with a simple quick release holster and Baseball Cap and Mechanix Gloves (I'd never run a Ghillie in a Non-Milsim game)

I'm a tinekrer at heart, which means I've always opted for guns I could mess around with and mod in some respect.
And as I like simplicity as well (contradictory maybe?) I have stuck with Spring Snipers for now.

Some folks find it odd, as I'm a Metal loving, Guitar Playing, Nerd Game Playing, Rugby lad and into Powerlifting so why does this big fella like to hide and rather his BB's be felt not heard?
I just like precision! Probably like most of you, the satisfaction of that one shot weaving through and whipping your enemy is satisfaction which cannot be obtained by other means.

In my Signature you can see my 2 current rifles which should include my T11 which I got from another member of the site I attend and my long serving Type 96 which I'm pretty sure should be resigned to the history books now!

Hopefully we'll meet at a site sometime soon or maybe the NAE which I've been to 9 times now.

All the best to everyone and happy Pew Pew'ing.

Fat Andy

Camouflage Sleeve Military camouflage Khaki Military uniform
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