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MiloXC3's new VSR-10

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Hello again folks!

Here's some photos of my new Tokyo Marui VSR-10, excuse the poor camo wrapping (I will have another go!) and the elastic bands (I am going to get some black ones). ;)

Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro Sniper
PDI scope rail
Leapers 3-9x50 Mildot Illuminating Parallax scope
Scrim net
Home-made scope stickers
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It is Web-Tex OD fabric tape.

I got it from Zero One airsoft, a retailer in the UK.
It's mostly for show, I probably won't use it when I actually skirmish. The idea was that if a sniper sees me he will hesitate to read it, and I will get the shot in first. ;)

I'll have to get a shot of the scope not covered too, it's HUGE compared to my rifle! I haven't seen it without the 3" sun shade on though...
The tape is really good! If you wrap it badly (like me) or just decide you don't want it on there, you can unwrap it and reuse it. It's pretty tough too and is easy to cut with a decent pair of scissors.
I would recommend it, and if you don't like it you can just take it off.

The fabric tape I used is also available in DPM and Desert colours.

I have installed a PDI Light Outer barrel on my VSR.
PDI sent me the 690 version by mistake so I have 124mm space in my outer barrel because my 430mm inner barrel doesn't reach the end.
The PDI barrel is lighter, has a more matte finish, and feels and looks much better than the stock barrel! Also, the sound is reduced significantly because of the space between the inner barrel and end cap of the outer barrel.

List of modifications:
Shimmed hop up chamber
biro-pen flat hop arm
Polished inner barrel
PTFE tape on cylinder head
Dental floss on bucking
Full length electrical tape barrel spacer (very tight)
(TDC mod is next).
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Leapers 3-9x50 Mildot Illuminating Parallax scope!

I can hit consistently at 150ft with .30s.

Haha, the pictures were kinda rushed.
Tomorrow I'll spend some time with my camera and get some better shots, and I'll get the left side in the photograph!

Thanks for the positive feedback. Here's a few photos I took today.

(The last photo came out over-exposed so I did what I could in Photoshop but the sticker looks wierd.)

I am planning on re-wrapping her soon and I have the tape on the outer barrel with a mark for where I need to drill for the TDC, I just haven't got round to drilling it yet! You can't see the masking tape in the first two images though because I edited it out.
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Thanks, it's peeling off though so I'm going to rewrap it once I finish painting my house and doing the TDC installation!

Edit: I forgot to point out my silver trigger, it is most visible in the photo of the rifle on the stones. I just sanded down the paint and polished it.
Here's my TDC adjuster! I will be replacing the screw with a shorter hex screw too and I will put a spring on. This is just for the video tutorial! The photos below are two screen shots from the video:

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I just use the 430mm inner barrel in the 690mm outer. It works fine. I was going to use a normal lengthed outer barrel and a suppressor but the longer outer barrel works as a suppressor too so I'm not going to trouble PDI by having them pay for posting to and from Japan just so I can swap barrels.
Yeah, it muffles the sound a lot! I was worried about the bb bouncing about inside and not coming out the end cap but Wolfgeorge convinced me that if I had barrel spacers it will be fine, and it is! ;)

And Hybelmoskus, you can use the G-spec silencer on the PDI Light Outer barrel because it's the same diameter.
Latest addition: Smokey's Stock. :p

I will be posting a review of the stock...when I have the time.

And the sellotape is there because I haven't put in one of the screws yet haha, it needs some PTFE tape on it.

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Second-hand from another forum!
Thanks! I love it! Pretty heavy though, especially with the scope, so next on my shopping list is a sling.
Well the TM is just generally better quality, but the BAR-10 stock feels more rubbery and nicer, and shoots at 450fps as opposed to 350-ish fps. If you're going to upgrade it anyway for for the BAR-10. They're both good, though!

There aren't really any issues. The only issue was the right-hook shots from the hop-up but I fixed that by installing a TDC adjuster.
Re-wrapped my VSR with Webtex OD tape, I'll get some decent photos tomorrow with my DSLR though. This photo was only taken on my my bedroom!

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Better photos, with a scrim net wrapped too...just need to fill it with vegetation!

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