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How about I show you: C3 host yearly operations and usually twice yearly to quarterly Big games with weekly games that some times get very large:

Here is a link to the gallery and some youtube video:

Gallery's First:

Operation Obsidian Dawn Poco Loco Paintball, May 28, 2006 http://www.c3airsoft.comgalleryshowgallery.php/cat/523

Operation Midnight Sun Poco Loco Paintball

Big game, September 30 Linglestown Paintball c3 airsoft + PA National Guard

Big Game, Novemeber25, 2007 poco Loco Paintball

Operation Burning Rain 1 poco Loco paintball

Operation Burning Rain 2 Linglestwon Paintball c3+Pa National Guard

You Tube
Obsidian Dawn

September 30 Big Game
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Burning Rain 1

There are lots of other galleries and You tube videos of your games, Some of them are very very large.

Trenches at LP is a week end game.

so is this one at PL

Big games and Operations include the entire paintball field property as one big field, Teams are divided into tow army's subdivided into usually 4 to 5 platoons which may or may not be sub divided into squads and teams. Each platoon is given a objective or two every hour or so by "higher command" Each platoon is under the command of a platoon leader and his assistant, two or more squad leaders and several "liaisons" which are trusted "STAFF" of c3's forum and long time players. Think of them as combat effective refs curbing idiocy and cheating. Some of my best "sniper" role games are during these big games and operations in direct support of 3rd platoon Blue army. I spot targets and relay that to 3rd platoon's first or second squad which comes up and hammers my targets for me. Picking off enemy (red or grey army's command staff, liaison, medics and squad leaders gives a sneaky type player plenty of targets IF they can slip past all the forces moving around the field. Operations and Big games usually include 150 players or so at Poco Loco and Upwards of 200 or more at Linglestown Paintball much larger field. Some of our games have included attendance of the PA National Guard. LP Big game was more of a recruiters station and show the flag deal, This years BR2 game had a More involved role with some soldiers taking the field with us. I have not made it to any airsoft events like Op Irene yet:
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