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Mines/alternate weapons in your kit

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My spotter and I are thinking of adding some form of a mine to our kit, beyond my ASR and M9 and his AUG and 1911. We are both of the tinkering type, so we are thinking of making our own, but my question is more in regard to form.

I did a search of the site and saw people have mentioned claymores in their kit, but I have also seen the more conventional mine styles out there. There are models of the different types that work better than others, but what do you guys prefer? Claymore v. disc mines v. canister mines? opinions?
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I have had the opportunity to use 3 types of mines for different games my team has hosted.

We have used the CO2 canister Style for bridge and ambush situations..
Cons.... Long Prep Time and easy to Loose if you leave the area or forget exact location.
Pros.... Awesome Effects ... tremendously loud boom

Spring loaded claymores that launch 200 BBs when tripped for rear defense of positions and booby traps at funnel points.
Cons..... Slight delay in spring release... electric trigger malfunctions occasionaly
Pros..... 35ft kill distance on 30 degree arch.. awesome effects...

And a spring loaded cap gun style claymore.. for everything mentioned above.

Cons..... needs a simple mod to work effectively... only has a tripwire release
Pros..... Worked flawlessly every time... 30 second reload

What it boiled down to was cost.. for efficiency.

CapGun Claymore $20 (per) caps $2 (50)
BB Claymore $120
CO2 Canister $160

--------- I will try to find links and images when i have more time..
UP-DATE: 7/10/10

I got to try this grenade over the past weekend... best one I have ever used.

UP-DATE: 7/13/10
I didnt buy the cap style claymore personally... but i talked to the guy who did..
He picked them up on ebay.. I have been searching for a few days now but I have not found them although I have found reference to them. I am picking one up from him to post some photos here and also see if any manufacturing info is on them.

but in my search i did come across some really cool Non-Lethal Landmine

Cheap Landmine

Master Landmine

found this one too...
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That would be awesome! The main drawback for me is the cost at the moment (but i really like tryin home brew stuff so its no big deal), however if i were to buy one I would have considered the disc style, but I have not heard very good things about them, as i guess they do not spread very far, have poor effects and are much smaller than the real steel versions (does the term real steel apply to mines????) but yeah, something simple, and i have not seen that cap mine that you mentioned before...
Where did you get the capgun mine mojo? Would be interested in getting a few of those
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if anyone would be interested... i have been working on a simple pressurized trip wire mine for the last week, should have a workin prototype in the next day or two. if people are interested ill try to remember to post some pics etc here. so far total cost is about $15 at homedepot...
I am interested, if its effective and cheap, I am all for it ;)
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