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for the 96, i got:

OK 500 fps cylinder kit
quick cheek screws
firefly hard type hop up bucking
rockmount bipod
KM TN 6.04 650mm inner barrel
Maruzen vanishing silencer

im trying to find a PDI hop up, and i might have found one, just waiting for their response.

in the SPR:

ICS 2006 version(metal bushings,new gears, motor etc.) base.
G&G solid stock (large type)
accushot scope rings
tasco 4x blue cross hair scope.
guarder hop up
guarder hop up bucking
King arms SPR kit
systema aluminum piston
systema tight bore barrel
Guarder Cylinder Set
G&P 9.6v 3300 mAh battery
M140 spring

WE 1911 is stock, but giving me problems as of late. Livonia, if you remember from "Rolling Thunder" when you fired it, and the small black thing that pushes the BB from the mag and into the chamber was sticking forward... that is the problem i am having and cant seem to find the problem let alone fix it.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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