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Misanthrope Abroad

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I am a grumpy airsofter that has been playing for about two years.

For this whole time, I have been running in an assault/medic profile, using a KJW pistol or a cheapo single-shot pump shotgun. Somehow now, though, I am getting a high powered gun and moving to a Marksman role. I understand that my plan for the role is more in line with the Soviet's doctrine than the lone wolf man killer doctrine.

There I am, taking a position with a borrowed AEG.
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Welcome! What area are you from?
I am in Northern mid-west of the USA for the time being.
So, I went to a reenactment game. Here are a few of the pictures I took for no particular reason: .

Here I am having a nap in the half-track, in which I slept over night. Very Kampfy.

Relaxing on the BMW: of Armor2012/IMG_0383.jpg (those are my normal clothes, not my costume). And again with the encampment of Armor2012/IMG_0385.jpg .

I was given a rustic uniform, some pouches and a belt, pistol and a Mosin-Nagant that was converted into a VSR. It was nice, and probably had a good 300 ft of range. I found it difficult to use in many of the airsoft gun ways (are you prone? oh, I hope you do no have a single blade of grass in the way). But, in some of the later missions, the commander saw fit to upgrade my rifle: of Armor 2012/FtMcCoy1.jpg . Got some work down with that, but even having light armour rolling down is intense. I had to break from my position three times because I was over run totally. Once, the fecking half-track even chased me down a meadow, with the MG going the whole time. Fortunately, BBs are a bit easier to serpentine through. I have a notion a real MG would have been a bit more successful--well, not for me. My favourite part of the PAK was concealing it. At one point, I had parked it under a tree and which was a bit suspicious. It was nice, since it was two layers of dappled light through which the approaching Germans had to look. Still, it had some very distinct shapes, and I used my extra time to get some dead fall and greens to break up the wheel shapes. I discovered I had even more time, so I ripped boughs off other pines (from the back, of course) and started to build myself a lower branchwork on the pine I was under by propping up the torn branches on deadfall. By the end, I had build about six feet of tree branches on one side of the tree when we heard the half-track approach. So, my gunner and I hunkered down, and it was about twenty minutes of waiting for the Armour to roll up enough to take a shot.

The best moment was when the Sd. Kfz. stopped and the commanded of it yelled to his forward scout, "where the hell is the PAK?" and the scout, who was staring at us 60 feet away yelled back, "I don't know."

This is a later defense. I was presented obviously to draw in the Germans (who seemed to hate me and my gun) to over-commit on an attack on it: of Armor 2012/?action=view&current=003.mp4 . That Sd. Kfz. charged use down the way, and we had been taking shots at it while it was on the move, but my new gunner (the last one died in the previous wave when he stayed behind to take a suicide shot at one of the vehicles) seemed uneasy with the gun, though she did well enough. Here, we had just put a round in its nose as the guy with the flag had tossed a pea grenade that rolled under the gun carriage. Though it was naughty, I reflexively dove on it to save my gunner, but realised it was an explosive, so I tossed it away, which was also naughty, but not naughty near my face.

On the down-time, it was still fun. The group are all welcoming and knowledgeable reenactors. They identified a relic I had (turns out to be a reproduction), and sleeping in the half-track was an experience. The night got unexpectedly cold, maybe down to 7c (45ish F), and the air was very damp. Since we were on a military base, we had to have radio contact with the range controller at all times, and I took the duty for the whole day and most of the night. Playing military is something I have always found fun, but watching the Milkyway through the top of a half-tract while listening to taps was something new for me.

Around 02:00 I turned over the radio to the next guard and tried to sleep, but about 04:00 I was cold and could not warm, even under a smock and two blankets. I started musing about getting up when to warm when around 04:30 a Whippoorwill decided for me. That ugly brown water was my coffee. It was horrid, and putrid smelling, and the best, most delicious drink a person has ever tasted.
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I went to another WWII event. I was sniper for a bit until someone on the shock squad had a broken gun, so I gave up my rifle and cartridges to play medic. Spent most of the day without a piece, but people handed me grenades every time I went by them.

Here is a dramatic portrayal of the battle.
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