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Misc parts

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Some spare parts used for my VSR10 experiment.

Selling all of it as one lot. I am not breaking it apart, just not worth the haste.

UTG Lighted scope, green or red, 3-9x40
Mounting Rings (seen on the scope)
Adjustable Bipod for sling nub mounting
2 mostly full bottles of Golden ball 40's
2 boxes of Maruzun bb's one is full and one I used just a few bb's from mainly to measure and to do testing.
All is in perfect working order.

Pick up a bunch of stuff all at one time at one low price of $120.

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Yea this is an amazing deal. Sadly a
Chrono is a want not a necessity. I will
Continue Contemplating this deal though :)
I am kind of mad I didn't jump on that. Hmph.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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