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Blarg, Alright. Hoggie here again. I have an ECHO 1 ASR with a 6.01mm Tightbore Barrel by EDGI, and a ECHO 1 Spring Kit.
My gun is now misfeeding or not even feeding. Or it'll double feed.
Any ideas? This hopup unit being a pain.
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Most likely the bucking is upside down. Sometimes I still install my buckings incorrectly in the hop up chamber. Typically upside down, which causes double feeding, and sometimes misfeeding as well.

Should be making a "pff" noise like a quiet ol' fart (different than the sound it typically makes).
Theres a small tear in my bucking
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Ordering a new bucking right now, thinking about a whole new hopup unit...
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Well if the echo 1 is modeled after the sr2 then you can get all kinds of parts for it here is a link to x-fire just scroll past the type 96 parts, .
Just got a new bucking, ordered it:)
Becareful when you give advice on the ASR. It is a collection of parts from different guns.

And it isnt an APS2 on all counts.

The hopup chamber is a type 96, not an APS2.

If and when the OP has the money and desire, you may want to get a PDI hop up chamber and AEG barrels. On mine and a few others that I know of, the hop up arms on the original chamber broke in several places. Be careful.
Thanks Ronin.
I am looking into PDI, but, i need the cash first.
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