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MK16 Mod. 0 DMR Project

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O.k. sorry guys since I've been posting a lot of threads about all different gun to make into DMRs. Well I'm pretty sure this will be my last thread.
I've come across an amazing deal with a guy and it involves all of the parts I will list below. I'm been wondering if this would be good enough for a DMR and wondering how much range you guys think i could get out of it.

DBoys MK16 Mod. 0
Prometheus 6.03 469mm Tight-Bore Barrel
Madbull M110 Spring
Madbull Ultimate 3-1 Hop-up
Prometheus torque up gears
G&P Piston
Guarder cylinder head
Stock air nozzle
CA Cylinder
Unknown piston head and spring guide
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It'll be alright, and depending on how well its put together you'll get out to 60metres easy as with a M110 spring you should be getting in excess of 350fps. :)

But then who gives a shit how far it will go if ain't accurate when it gets there? ::)

Time for you to actually read the link in my sig and find out what it really takes to build a DMR ;)
Try to go and shoot it if the guy live close by.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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