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On it's way...

UTG MK96. On it's way to more of a L118A1.

Mods so far:
DIY full barrel dampener
Flash-hider (I rid myself of the dayglo "please shoot me" orange tip)
Complete tear down and smoothing filing and fitting of 100% original parts. Everything is tight and smooth now.
Teflon tape mod to Piston/Cylinder/etc...
Added some (for now) ghetto cheek-pad padding
The Paint Job (My best paint job yet!)
Foam filling of all hollow spaces and between stock and receiver/barrel for added tightness/stability/dampening.

6-24x50mm NC Star Mil dot illuminated Optic (I know it's over kill in every way, but that's how I roll)

Upgrades are in it's future, but I'm undecided. I'm going to let ride out until it needs something or I become dissatisfied with it. It's shooting pretty well ATM.

The first of many inevitable Paint Jobs. I think It looks freaking sweet. As always the colors are funky online. It's not nearly as light coloured as it looks.


In process:


I'm pretty happy with it. Def. my best paint job yet.

Don't ask...I was bored waiting for paint to dry....and I think I huffed some(alot) of paint fumes.
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