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Mock mock mock mock mock mock mock surpressors...

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Do you think if I order a mock mock mock mock mock mock mock suppressor/silencer from china, it will get shut down by USA customs? Was thinking of getting but wouldn't want to loose $30 (and possibly the $10 attachment) by having it confiscated...
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fuzzywolly said:
awagg said:
Tokyo model company offers free shipping from overseas! Gotta love that. The shipping does take forever though... But thanks for that link, bob, hopefully the shipping is pretty cheap and I'll order it there, otherwise, I think I'll get it from TMC, unless anyone has issues with that company.
Atlanta displays the most expensive shipping charge. Be sure to click on it and look at other shipping options, available for packages that fit in small flat rate boxes. I saved $5 a few days ago. Which is good considering the order was only $44.
Wait hang on! Are these mock supressors? jk....

AirsoftAtlanta's shipping charge is less than both Evike and ASGI. I am a strong beliver that I am correct!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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