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Mock mock mock mock mock mock mock surpressors...

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Do you think if I order a mock mock mock mock mock mock mock suppressor/silencer from china, it will get shut down by USA customs? Was thinking of getting but wouldn't want to loose $30 (and possibly the $10 attachment) by having it confiscated...
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Tokyo model company offers free shipping from overseas! Gotta love that. The shipping does take forever though... But thanks for that link, bob, hopefully the shipping is pretty cheap and I'll order it there, otherwise, I think I'll get it from TMC, unless anyone has issues with that company.
So let me see the prices...

$103.50 from TMC, free shipping, no tax
$150.98 from Airsoft Atlanta, with shipping, no tax

So I'm spending around 50 bucks more to have it arrive faster? No, thanks. I also want the foam in the silencer, so I don't have to go hunting...
Maybe I'll check ASGI, but they never have really had the greatest stock for sniper rifle specific items. The shipping will be pretty slow from overseas though...
Yeah... When I'm over there I'll try AEX. Had my dad pick up 2 VSR mags on day... I even called it in ahead of time, and he still was all grumpy at all "the freaks in there"... so maybe I'll have to make a trip up there to check it out.
Oh, they were fine doing the hold... Just my dad was really grumpy for picking it up. So I better take a trip myself. I just held them so he wouldn't have to ask, and get half the order wrong, blah blah blah... I've heard of all those stores, just haven't got anyone to drive me, but I get my license in a few months, so maybe I'll take a trip.
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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