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Mock mock mock mock mock mock mock surpressors...

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Do you think if I order a mock mock mock mock mock mock mock suppressor/silencer from china, it will get shut down by USA customs? Was thinking of getting but wouldn't want to loose $30 (and possibly the $10 attachment) by having it confiscated...
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I have never had an issue ordering a can from over seas. I have ordered cans from Redwolf, WGC and Ehobby Asia. Ehobby Asia has the cheapest cans and Redwolf has the fastest shipping. I would have a hard time trying to justify buying a $20 can when shipping will be close to that. I'd get some other parts along with it to make the shipping worth while. You can get G&P M120 motors at Redwolf for $25 when they are $50 here, not to mention that everything is cheaper over there. I would get cans in the states but none of them come with foam. If they normally do the retailers take them out. I'm a big fan of G&P and King Arms cans, which can be found on all three sights but Redwolf might have the best selection for those two brands. I don't see the big taboo here. The only thing that comes to mind is that real AKs have 14mm lefty threads.

Did anyone see Inception? Just joking.
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