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Mock mock mock mock mock mock mock surpressors...

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Do you think if I order a mock mock mock mock mock mock mock suppressor/silencer from china, it will get shut down by USA customs? Was thinking of getting but wouldn't want to loose $30 (and possibly the $10 attachment) by having it confiscated...
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Redwolf is a good place to go, but I have heard that their shipping can be terrible since customs knows their packages and they have a habit of getting stopped for inspection. My friends G36 (now my G36 :) ) took 8 months to get here since it was stopped in SF Customs on the way.

I ordered from WGC shop a few times, good prices and good stock when its hard to get parts other places, but it took 6 weeks to get a gun from them. It went from HK, to Korea, to Anchorage, to Chichago, to Sacramento, to San Francisco, to Oakland and then back across the bay to me.... so yeah...

Usually I go to ASGI once every few months and just get the free shipping by throwing a few little things (shims, pouches etc.) unless there is something I really want from somewhere else.
If it's a common gun I've had luck with AEX having parts, atleast for VSRs and certian APS2 parts. As far as cans go its mainly a matter of finding the right adaptor and then putting any old can on there. I think AEX actually had a sale on that G&G can not to long ago. If you're ever on this side of the hill it'd be worth stopping by. Make sure to ask them if they have any more in back since the sometimes hide some stuff for some reason. That or theres a new place worth checking out called Dogtag airsoft, only 10 min drive from AEX in Santa Clara.
They don't like doing holds at that store unless you promise you are going to come in that day, even then, if its their last one they'll sell it out from under you if someone gets to it first. They have a lot more noobs there that are walking in with mommys credit card, so you get all sorts. I try to hit up Dogtag on my way there, those guys are a lot nicer and hook it up sometimes. There is also Alakden a little further south. Decent shop, they have other brands AEX doesn't (Echo1, Bravo, Madbull etc.), its run by phillipinos, so they are always down to talk and barter.
Ok, first of all you guys necro posted. Second, this thread was about buying fake cans off of internet sites for use as outer barrel extensions and if they would be stopped at customs.

So no, they will not be stopped at customs, you can get them here from most airsoft shops. The problems come when people start modifying them to actually function. These modifications are easy, but we try not to talk about them here because the legality of it, depending where you live, can be questionable.
I can accept silencer v. suppressor... however I cannot bear when people confuse clip v. magazine.... ;)
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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