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Mod: Action Army Chamber In Field Adjustment (easy)

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Hello Sniper Forums,

I haven't seems any threads relating to adjusting your Action Army hop up chamber mid game in field. Ideally, you will already have your hop up fine tuned but as my backyard is only 45 yards (41 Meters), I may not have time to adjust the hop up before the game...
The Action Army Hop up unit is pretty well used throughout the community so I figured Id share what I did to resolve my problem in the most minimalistic way.
*Click on pics to make them bigger, couldn't figure out how to when editing..

The very first step before doing this mod is finding an Allen Key (aka hex key) that is around 2.5in - 3.0in in length. (6cm -8cm). Something like this:

Brown Amber Wood Rectangle Font

Next, I wanted to have the allen key (hex key) on my rifle with me at all times, so what i did was find the most spacious area inside the stock of the rifle. The area I decided on was the very front compartment wear the harris style attachment is embedded.

Wood Musical instrument accessory Musical instrument Gas Tints and shades

Since my left hand would be holding the rifle closest to the end (I pull the trigger with my right hand) I decided to mark a spot in the left side of the compartment.

Helmet Gas Automotive tire Personal protective equipment Machine

After doing this, I got a 5/64 (Not sure what that is for non US... sorry) drill bit. The drill bit must be smaller, not by a lot, but smaller than the Allen Key (Hex key). I drilled out where I marked on the rifle as seen below.

Bumper Tints and shades Composite material Automotive exterior Personal protective equipment

Since the drill bit was smaller than the Allen Key (Hex key), I very carefully rotated the drill bit around to make the hole just smug enough for the Allen Key to slide in and out with some resistance in order to keep it in place. *If you drill to high on the stock, when assembling the barrel back to the stock, it will put stress on the barrel and allen key (Just be cautious).

Finally, the last step needed is to place the allen key in the whole drilled previously and maneuver it to where you would like it to rest. I positioned mine to line up under the barrel so that is would not get in the way and be less noticeable, but this is personal preference.

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Hope this mod helps if you're in a situation such as myself and if you have any questions feel free to leave them down below.
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I filled my stock with expanding foam so I just stick the Allen key into the foam. Once the butt plate is put back on the key is secure and at zero risk of being lost.

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Yeah man. Thats a great idea! The way I did mine its in there pretty secure but im glad you posted that here. Now there is an option if you dont want to drill a hole in the front.
I've attached a piece of velcro to mine which sticks to the velcro inside my stock pouch. So even when I open the pouch, I can't lose the hex key :yup:

This is pretty neat as well though.
I wrapped my stock and put the hex key under the cord.
Impossible to loose, easy to reach.

I would raccomend extra long hex keys, that helps a lot.
Skeee's external adjuster from shapeways....sooo much better and a very easy mod.

Just commented on the appropriate post to get it back to page one.....
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