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Modify M24

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Hey everyone, I was looking into getting a Modify M24 rifle, I was curious what parts are compatible with the gun, I am mainly looking into upgrading the spring as well as adding a tightbore barrel, if anyone has any advice I would love to get some feedback.
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I am also considering an Ares MCM700X, if anyone has any opinions on this gun or its upgradability, please post your ideas
Does anyone did any upgrades? I have this rifle for one year, and it's a nice gun, but I think that the spring should be stronger, and change the inner barrel of 6.08 to a 6.03.
Any tips, recommendation or feedback?
I have a snowwolf m24 but its basically a mod24. Here is what i did.

-Modify hopup chamber and arms

-angel customs steel chamber 170 set from evike

-6.01 madbull barrel 407mm

-Novritsch bucking

Pic-bottom is with .20

Top is with .45

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Don't bother with the MCM700X I tried going for that but according to them, it's not in production for the next year. It's a shame a good looking gun was replaced by some trashy looking modern rifle. If it was in production I would hop on it though.
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