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Modify-tech X-Range hop up bucking design (2019)

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Hi guys! I found this new bucking for vsr-10 rifles and gbb pistols. Looks like the autobot maple leaf bucking, But looks better.
This copy/paste is from the web:

New MODIFY X-Range Hop Up Bucking for GBB/ VSR-10
Posted By: Iveon: September 20, 2019In: Exposed, NewsNo Comments Print Email
Modify has successfully produced the most desirable HopUp bucking for snipers and Mk23 fans. The new bucking has a lot of new and interesting additions. And that is made by Modify the company that in my opinion has the best quality control and consistently produces best upgrades for us airsoft snipers says a lot. Cant wait to get one for my King Arms sniper rifle.

Some features of the X-Range Hop Up Bucking for GBB/ VSR-10 (70 DEG.)

Two Hardness Options
Special Airtight Design
Bi-Point Design
Superior Tear Resistance
Excellent Temperature Properties
High Abrasion Resistance
The X-Range has the remarkable feature of depressor as seen in ZED of the popular video game League of Legends.

With large area in the front end to effectively cover BBs and twin-point design in the back end to centrally position BBs, the two features combine to achieve maximum range.

X-Ranges, and how they affect your accuracy and shooting range

The X-Range design was inspired by the R-hop, with the goal of maximizing contact with BBs when the bucking is depressed. That increases friction to produce top spin as well as air seal inside the barrel to achieve maximum range.

The X-Range is bell- or cup-shaped with the wider end facing the loading nozzle.
With 2-stage channel, the X-Range’s bell configuration is shallow to deep. BBs are loaded into the shallow, narrow end to move to the mid-section where it is deeper and wider. Such channel configuration assures perfect BB positioning to also produce top spin to result in accurate trajectory. The shallow channel end of the loading nozzle widens when the bucking is depressed, increasing contact, friction with BBs. The bell opening has “wings” on either sides to form a bridge to the inner barrel window, being a solid, wide structure at the inner barrel entry to hold BBs that also prevents the rear section of the depressor from deforming. Friction against BBs drops dramatically when moved by air from the shallow to the deeper channel section, with BBs pushed straight along the channel by air to the bottom of the bell to enter the inner barrel with continuing top spin.


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I'm having excellent results with the Mr. Hop. I haven't tested the X range and likely won't unless one drops into my lap.

Looking at the comparison photo it kind of reminds me of a mix between the TNT TR Hop buckings and an autobot. Neither of which is a bad thing. Potentially requiring permanent barrel window modification is a turn off to me though.

Having not handled the modify, I can't say with certainty, but the material looks very similar to the silicone used on the Flamingo buckings I tested. I was not impressed with those at all. The material on those also took on permanent changes after being installed with hop pressure added for as little as a week. I can't say if those changes negatively effected the performance, because the performance was never good, just something to consider.

I'd be interested to see testing with them and a comparison. Be tough with the barrel modifications that may be needed.
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I'll agree with that. Most that have tried it have been impressed with it from what I've read on the bookface, but I haven't seen any actual testing.

Confirmation bias is a real thing when people start spending their money and time on things, so always keep that in mind with airsoft parts. It happens all the damn time.

I'm fortunate to not really have to worry about the costs of things when it comes to airsoft, so when I test something I try to be as unbiased as possible. I'm not interested in cost or brands or what other people say - just if it works.

When I tested the Mr. Hop I was ready to be underwhelmed after the issues I had with the previous flavor of the month (Flamingo) bucking (the WASP is great, though). Mr. Hop has been great for me in the VSR, but in GBB it doesn't tend to seal as well (at least on MY Hi capa) and I lose .1-.2 joules compared to an autobot. It shoots well in everything, but the power loss on the Hi capa had me move back to the Autobot. On my Mk23 I still need to shoot it and test it more (it's been too cold to really run many gas pistols lately if not on CO2).

So, Hamlet, if you want more info on the Mr. Hop there's a thread in the General forum on it and my experience (along with a few others').
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So, I think it's important to specify 'better' here.

With regards to the Mr. Hop, the difference is pretty minimal, but it's something I feel is there. I'm getting slightly better lateral deviation at distance, and it seems to have extended the effective range by 5m or so. The range estimation is my subjective observation I should note, as I don't have a way to test it definitively without an indoor range. I also should mention I run a cylinder head nozzle that's 2mm longer than standard, and that's from a part that is no longer available. That could make a big difference on some builds, especially considering the Mr. Hop does not seal as well for me on my Hi Capa as an Autobot.

Most of us don't think R Hops are bad. We understand they're a perfectly viable option for good performance. Our feelings are that compared to something like a ML bucking (or TNT, or Modify, etc) the extra effort and work doesn't correlate with any extra performance that's significant enough to justify the time and effort. I, and others, have also yet to see an R Hopped rifle that outperforms the ones we have ML buckings installed in. I've seen plenty that perform very well, but they're more common on AEG platforms in my area. Even then, when we compare them to flat hopped AEGs with prommy buckings, the difference isn't easily seen if it's even there.

Like I've said before, I think in the past when long contact buckings didn't exist, R Hops were potentially a much more worthwhile option. There's also always the "well you didn't do the R Hop right if it wasn't better" argument that really turns a lot of people off to them. It's not rocket science to cut a patch, glue it in, and find a well sealing bucking to go around it.
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The Mr Hop may work perfectly fine with a different nozzle/hop up combination than I'm using in my my hi capa. It may work worse. Hard to say.

I'm running a Maple Leaf 1911 style chamber with KJW nozzle. On this set up the autobot seals better for me. Hi capas are notoriously fickle, so you can take all of this information with a grain of salt as the combinations of parts are endless.
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