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So, started work on a "modular: BDU loadout- basically going to an Op here in Bama that starts at midnight Friday and runs until Saturday afternoon (and it's going to be cold as usual at night, if it's anything like the last couple of years)- so I'm trying to put something together with pieces that I can mix and match, from the nighttime 40-50 F and dark to later in the day, when it might be 70-80 F and sunny... and the team I am playing is woodland (we are suppossed to be these communist style "bad guys" so the other side gets all the digital goodness)...

So far, the plan is...

  • Woodland Tru Spec Combat Shirt and BDU Pants
  • Black Bates Boots
  • OD H harness with:
    • 4 M4 mag pouches (or 2 MO7 mag pouches if I run my sniper/MP7 rig),
    • Radio pouch, PX888 radio with lightweight headset.
    • Iphone/small accessory pouch,
    • hydration carrier (mandatory for this field)
    • Larger, general utility pouch in back under hydration carrier for extra BBs, battery, multitool, flashlight etc)- plenty of space to store items as I swap them around as temperature and field conditions change.
  • Army Surplus Woodland BDU Field Jacket w/integrated hood
  • Woodland Sniper veil/Scarf
  • Black fingerless gloves, thermal black shooters gloves in pocket,
  • Black Wool cap in pocket/ Woodland detachable hood
  • ESS Thermal Goggles, Mesh face mask (either my OD Strike one or the TMC Black one)
I'll throw some pics up as I go. For the record, I am considering a multicam set of gear for a similar but more modern look and feel.

On a side note, been in touch with HyperStealth and Kryptek lately, and would love to rock some of their gear too- the HyperStealth Spec4 Central is like Marpat on 3D steroids... and the Kryptek Mandrake BDUs coming out next year is going to be awesome for our local area.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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