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Monthly Shootout

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Ok guys....

Well figured I would get the thread started with the rules and what not all in one place and easy to see and get to.


1. Must be shot at 100'
A. Must be able to prove that the shots are taken at 100'
a. Google earth does not count
b. Range estimation does not count
c. Range finder, tape measure and such devices are acceptable.

2. Target must be an 8.5"x11" paper
This is a standard printer paper size
A. Any type of target that you need for sighting in is ok
a. If using a sticky target, please put size of target on paper.

3. Any Sniper Rifle or DMR is acceptable.
A. No stock AEG's!
a. If a target is put up with a rifle that is debatable, we will figure out something if it comes up. I am thinking about a "jury" to decide what to do about the target.

4. Targets must me in on or before the due date.
A. Any target that is not posted by the due date... it will be removed.

5. Must have a measuring device on the target to prove the shot size.
A. Tape measure, micrometer, things of the like will work
B. There are a few computer programs that will calculate the shot size for you, as long as the program is a known program it is ok to use.

6. Shooters need to fire 10 shots at the target.
A. If more shots are on target...... it will be removed
B. 10 shots are needed to ensure that shots are not the few fluke shots, or lucky shots.

7. Post specs on the target.
A. Your name / call-sign
B. Rifle
a. Upgrades
b. Ammo used
C. Temp
D. Wind direction
E. Location
F. Observer
G. Support used
a. Bi-pod, Bags and the like

8. Picture of the set up being used
A. The rifle and ammo may be in the same pic as the target.
This would be suggested as to keep only one pic in each post.

Please pm your targets to myself. I will be a Judge for the first round of competitions. I will post with info given in the pm.

A person may only submit one target during each competition date. This doesn't mean you can't go out and shoot all day. We just want one target posted. Please once a target is posted, that is your target. Don't go back and edit your entry for a better target.

Any target that comes into question will be put up to a group of people that will decide the out come of the target.

Any person that is caught, or is questionable, cheating will be called out. And they may be asked to re shoot a target. If the person flat out refuses, the target will be rejected.

If all of the info is not on the target, the shooter will be asked to provide the required info. If info isn't on the target by the due date, target will be removed.

When a person wins a competition, they will not be able to place in the next competition. This is to keep a person from winning each time. We don't want to suck the fun out of it. If you do win one month, please don't post a target in the thread.

This thread will be for the targets them selves. Lets please keep the chatter to a minimum. This is to keep the thread as small as possible, and to help compare the targets.

If it is ok with the mods we can have a thread for banter and chatting.

If there is anything that I have forgot please bring it up in the other thread. If it is something major I will edit the rules and make things right. Anything that is edited or added will be a different color and a note will be put on the bottom of this post.

Please read the rules and make sure that you know everything about the competition.


Targets are required to be posted by March 16th at 2200.
Please make sure that they are in by this time. I am not sure what the time stamps on the posts. If targets are not in by 2200 on the time stamp... then they will be removed.

Ok guys that is about it I believe.

Lets have some fun and keep it honest.
Please don't be the one guy that ruins it for everyone else.
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Thanks for putting this together Woogie. If you need me or any of the mods to clean up this thread, such as remove unwanted posts, such as ones that do not follow the rules, press the "report to moderator" button and I will take care of it.

I will try to help keep this thread clean. That goes for anyone else (who can help let me know if something needs moved, deleted, etc.), as it will keep this competition organized and in order. Also, after the due date ends should the thread be locked, and then have it unlocked to announce the winner or...? That way no one posts after the due date. Just a thought. If you want to take this to PM's I can. But thought I would post some of this stuff up here.

Also, I am going to sticky this so it does not get lost within the forum under other posts.
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Maybe we should have just a pinned rule thread, and then have a new thread for every competition. Also, the judges should probably not be in the competition.
Can I use a gun that isn't mine? I would still follow all guidelines. I feel I can show all of my shooting potential with my friend's rifle.
Agreed with silent.

I can sit this one out to be a Judge.
And this one should be locked. And can open a target only thread when I start getting the targets.

And furry.... thanks for reading the rules...... You are rewarded with a -1
Since I am still working on mine, I can be a judge as well.
I can judge as well, as I am not sure if I have time to get some shots in or not.

Thread will be locked, and remain stickied as well as for reference.
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