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He's talking about what the difference is between mesh goggles "Grid type" and full seals "Polyurathanes". Here's my two pennies on this:

In my opinion, I have tested several times the velocity factor of a mesh type goggle system from my rifle (Firing at about 550 FPS with a .2) from 3 feet away, if you watch the Airsoft News Network Sniper special, I believe it's video #7 or #8 that I shoot these in, and it leaves nothing but a dent. Now, if I had a consistantly shooting 500+ FPS weapon, and I pelted some guy in the grape 4-5 times in the same time in the same spot, bb's could get in and cause damage. However, because of the unlikelyhood of that, I allow them at my games for Snipers only. Because not only would the guy have to shoot you head on, but it would have to be from such a close quarter that that person shouldn't be there in the first place.

Now, about full seal goggles... Fogging up is something that you really have no cure for, sure you can buy a fan, but with that noise, it could compromise your position. Me being a bigger built person (Not fat, just more mass) I sweat a lot more, and usually results in fogging, so these are usually something that I can't really depend on reaching for. So as far as legal issues go, there are a few reasons that I can see why full seals are dominant to mesh, but as far as practical reasons, I believe mesh takes it.

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