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Dutton did it, so I figured I might as well.. So you all know what I'm about. :)

Name: Michael Shrum

Callsign: Mosin

Experience: About 3 years now with Airsoft, 8 years total on paintball.

Arsenal: Got a nice Tokyo Marui M14 shooting at a lovely 450 FPS, too many upgrades to remember, but it's accurate, I can say that much.

Your camo: Bought a ghillie suit online, ended up taking it into the woods, did a lot of breaking into on her, rolling through mud and the like, eventually got buttons sewn onto it, as well as sewing in dozens of elastic bands and straps into her for vegetation.

What are your other hobbies?: Currently just shooting real steel, jumping on the laptop, and training, physically and mentally, for my job.

Where do you live? Currently stationed here at Naval Hospital Corps School, next destination... Still yet to be determined.

Other information: I'm currently in the US Navy, active duty, contracted for another 4 years and some change, give or take. My job is a Hospital Corpsman, we are known as the "Docs" of the battlefield, we work with the Marines mainly, but recently have been getting augmented to go with the Army to be their medics, because a Combat Medic apparently does not cut the muster. My next duty station is still yet to be determined, more than likely will be Camp Lejeune as a Divisional Corpsman, but possibly going to go to California at Pendleton. I find it kind of funny that with me being a sniper in airsoft, I have probably the most medical knowledge there, which means I should in all honesty play the role of a medic, but I get enough hands on training with bleeding and shock patients here at work, so I suppose it's good in a sense that I'm not playing "Doc" on the airsoft field as well. Hahah.

That's all I got, so now you know what I'm about, and what I know. I've also hosted "The Midwest Sniper Cup 2008" and I've been on "Airsoft News Network" for the sniper special, as part of a 7 series video that helps new snipers trying to get their head in the game, and how to properly go about the business.

Well.... That's all I got, glad to make this intro, hopefully it helps you guys get to know me a little bit better than you might have, so if I send you a PM for whatever reason, you know what's up.

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