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New pictures of some Raffia put in my ghillie, enjoy.

Small video of my rifle wrap (Intended for the airsoft community UK forum):


I haven't really done my last one up in a while because I didn't have access to a digital camera. Now that I do I'll give you guys a little taste of my aresenal.

Yes, I do wear a mesh goggle.

Basic Outlook (Here is what your looking at)

Offizier M41 FS SAR by Classic Army:
Shoots aprox 450 FPS
6.03 tightbore
Madbull M120 Spring
Aluminum Piston head
Various other goodies, don't worry. She's semi-auto only. Also, she does have a scope. I just couldn't find it and I didn't feel like doing some serious searching for a quick pic.

Maruzen APS-2 SV:
Frostee's old piece of work, I've only done a paintjob to it. But it shoots about 550 FPS, maybe a touch higher. Currently has:
Classic Army 300% drop in kit
Guarder Reinforced Bolt Handle

Soon it will have:
Carbon Fiber tightbore
Carbon Fiber Cylinder
Carbon Fiber piston head & Spring guide
PDI 300% spring
PDI Hop Up
Zero Trigger

My gear is pretty simple, I've got a hydration pack, a black belt (Not pictured), desert digital camouflage ghillie suit (I use white urbans in the winter time). But that's pretty much it, soon to have in this aresenal will be:
WA 1911 Infinity
Echo 1 SOC 16 w/ nice scope

I'll be updating this one from now on, let me know what you guys think of my work.


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Thank you, I wanted it to match my ghillie suit as best as I could. So I actually used pieces of it, also my barrel is wrapped with a white bed sheet so that blends with the cabinet in the background.
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